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Strategic intelligence

It is important to identify any risks a company may face in a new country or industry prior to taking any practical steps. We are able to provide detailed accounts of the formal and informal settings within a jurisdiction or industry and furnish our clients with an in-depth study of a proposed project, which clearly determines any possible risks of a political, economic, legal, regulatory and security nature. As part of this service we also advise on how to tackle or mitigate these issues. In addition, we assist in identifying suitable business partners.

Political risk analysis is hugely beneficial for any company considering doing business in a new country or region. In particular, the political environment in the CIS countries is often volatile, hostile to newcomers and difficult to predict. Our key aim is to provide our clients with significant insight into the region’s political landscape, legal and regulatory frameworks, risks and threats, as well as other dos and don’ts.

Programmatic monitoring assignments are also recommended in order to keep a close eye on a situation of interest.